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Tom Bowrey

BEng (Hons)

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Thuan Nguyen


Johan is a world leader in road safety target management and strategy development. Johan was responsible for the team of analysts at the Swedish Transport Administration that developed Sweden’s target setting framework in 2007, 2012 and 2016. In his research, Johan developed methodologies that now are the foundation of the analytical framework and target management system for Sweden’s Vision Zero road safety strategy. Johan is a certified on-site crash investigator and expert witness. 

Johan has advised the European Commission , US ‘Road to Zero’, Western Australia, South Australia, New Zealand, and Victoria on the development of their road safety strategies and target management.

Recently Johan was the Safe System Lead for the TAC’s Safe System Road Infrastructure Program and Project Director with the Department of Transport who oversaw the development of Victoria’s next road safety strategy. 

Ash is a recent engineering graduate from The University of Melbourne. Since working at the company, he has gained experience in developing traffic management solutions, analysing crash data and has become an accredited Road Safety Auditor.

Ash holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Civil Engineering.

Johan Strandroth

MEng Ph.D

Ray Beavis

BEng DipMuEng

Ray is an engineer and project manager with over 35

years of experience in Victoria. Ray specialises in project management, project delivery and program management. While at VicRoads Ray held the positions of Manager Assets, Team Leader – Asset Management, Team Leader Project Delivery and Team Leader – Road Safety & Traffic.

Ray holds a Bachelor of Engineering, a Post Graduate Diploma of Municipal Engineering and is an accredited Road Safety Auditor.  

Shafiul Haque

BEng  (Hons)


Shafiul is a traffic engineer and planner with specialist skills in mapping, data analysis and GIS. Shafiul has been involved in strategic planning work for Bass Coast Shire Council and VicRoads Northern and North East Region. Shafiul holds a Bachelor of Engineering and is an accredited Road Safety Auditor. 

Richard Clayton

BEng PgDipTP&E

Barry Scott has been a road safety practitioner for many years having taught traffic safety education to secondary level students before commencing work at VicRoads.  He has an in-depth knowledge of public education including all aspects of traffic safety education having worked in driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist and motorcyclist education.  His experiences include policy and strategy, product development, training delivery and program evaluation. 

Barry also holds a Certificate of Traffic Safety Education and has worked in road safety advisory roles for the Thai Ministry of Education and for the Department of Transport in South Africa.

Barry Scott

BEcon DipEd

Dr Tom Beer

D.Sc. Ph.D

Tom is an international expert on environmental risk, including climate variability, climate change, greenhouse gas and air quality issues and particularly their application to transport and fuels.  He has had a long and distinguished scientific and consulting career that included numerous scientific honours and awards including the Adam Hilger Prize, the CSIRO Chairman's medal, and a special certificate of appreciation from the IPCC upon their award of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. 



Johann is a senior engineer with over a decade of specialist experience in traffic and road safety engineering. Through his career spanning roles at ARRB Group, RACV, local government and VicRoads, Johann has extensive practical experience in the development of infrastructure safety countermeasures, Traffic Impact Assessments and Road Safety Auditing.

Johann holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Master of Traffic, Master of Transport degrees, and is an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor.

Johann Tay

BEng(Hons) BCom MTraffic MTransport MAITPM


David Shelton



Dave is one of Australia’s key road safety leaders having held senior executive positions at VicRoads, including Executive Director Road Safety and Network Access, Executive Director Strategy and Planning, Executive Director Registration and Licencing, Regional Director and Acting Chief Executive. Also, between 2010 and 2013, Dave was the Chair of Australia’s National Road Safety Executive Group.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Engineering, a Masters of Environmental Studies and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Jamie is a road safety design specialist and engineer who has worked on some of the largest and highest-profile road projects in Victoria. 
With over a decade’s experience at VicRoads, Jamie specialises in traffic analysis, intersection design, street lighting, signs and linemarking, safety barriers and road safety audit.

He is a recognised expert in the understanding and application of VicRoads guidelines, Austroads Guides and Australian Standards, and an advanced user of MicroStation with a demonstrated ability to coordinate the CADD design of significant projects. Jamie’s ability to provide specialist traffic engineering input during the development of integrated design solutions produces high-quality and practical results with proven road safety benefits.
Jamie holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and is an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor.
Jamie Robertson

BEng (Hons) BSc


Kenn Beer

BEng (Hons) 



Kenn is an engineer and transport planner with significant experience in transport safety in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Throughout his career, Kenn has worked in delivery, development, planning and program roles within the Victorian Government.

Kenn is recognised as a world leader in motorcycle safety infrastructure and has had roles advising the New Zealand and Californian Governments on the topic.

Kenn is also an accredited and experienced facilitator and trainer.

Reece is a Senior Design Engineer with 10 years’ experience specialising in road and highway engineering and design. He provides expert technical design advice to VicRoads, the TAC, Transport for NSW and local councils. Reece is advanced user of both MicroStation and Inroads software is well versed in Geometric Design, Intersection design, Hydraulic Design and Safety Barriers as well as demonstrating a high level of expertise in understanding the application of Vicroads Guidelines, Austroads Guidelines, Australian Standards and the Safe System Framework.

Reece is an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor whom has worked on a number of road safety projects both in Australia and Internationally.

Vincent Lay


Fahim Zafar


Chris Hall


Reece Gunther

BEng (Hons)

After beginning his career in England, Richard has worked in Australia for over a decade, developing and delivering projects for multiple consultancies and VicRoads.

With his knowledge and expertise gained through his roles as a Transport Engineer, Project Manager and Transport Planner, Richard provides an international perspective on road safety on Australian roads. 

As an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor and experienced motorcyclist, Richard brings a unique combination of technical and practical skills to motorcycle specific solutions. Richard has been involved in identifying solutions for the Victorian Motorcycle Safety Levy program and providing expert motorcycle advice to VicRoads, local governments and undertaking motorcycle audits in both Australia and New Zealand.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma of Transport Planning and Engineering.

Chris Hall is a traffic engineer with 15 years’ experience in Australia and the UK.

Chris has worked on a variety of projects including numerous road safety audits, safety risk assessments and road safety strategies. He previously managed the risk assessment for the sign review at DELWP crossings.Chris is an accredited Senior Road Safety Auditor.

Kathy Doukouris


Kathy is a training professional with over 20 years experience in the industry, 10 years of which has been within the roads sector. Kathy has significant instructional design experience in face to face and online training delivery.

Kathy holds a Bachelor of Education (Secondary & Adult) and a Certificate IV in Workplace training and assessment.

Vincent is an engineer with over 7 years of experience working for VicRoads. Vincent has successfully delivered multiple road infrastructure projects using his strong background in project delivery and contract management. In addition to his project management skills, Vincent has used his knowledge of road safety and traffic engineering to develop solutions for road safety issues.

Vincent holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and is an accredited Road Safety Auditor.

Ash Mani



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Dr Tana Tan

BEng MEng Ph.D

John Poynton

CEng MICE BSc (Hons)

Thuan is a civil engineer with extensive experience in Road Safety, Traffic Engineering, Road Maintenance and Project Management. Thuan has been involved in the drafting and providing inputs to a number of key Australian Standards (AS 1742, AS 1901, AS 1428 series) and Austroads Guides (Traffic Management and Road Design). Thuan has been a committee member of the Australian Standards MS-012 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices since 2013 and the Chairperson of the group since 2016. 

Thuan has spent over 17 years at VicRoads and is passionate about helping and providing training to engineers/practitioners, expanding their knowledge to ensure roads are designed and managed for all road users in the safest, most effective and efficient way.


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Tana completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Masters of Biomedical Engineering and a PhD at UNSW. His thesis characterised and investigated serious thoracic injuries in passenger vehicle rollover crashes. He is the lead author of a number of peer-reviewed journal papers on vehicle safety and has presented at international transport and road safety conferences. Professionally he has more than eight years of experience as an engineering and senior engineering consultant.

John is a Chartered Civil Engineer and ex UK Senior Civil Servant with 35 years experience delivering strategies, policies, projects and service improvements in the transport sector. After working on some of the most innovative transport projects in the UK, such as the world’s first Managed Motorway, he has led numerous service improvements projects.  His past roles include Head of Research & Development at the UK Highways Agency, Head of Service Transformation at the UK Department for Transport, and Strategy and Customer Research Manager at VicRoads.

He holds a BSc(Hons) and is a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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Fahim is a traffic engineer with experience in both design and strategic level road safety projects within State Government and the private sector.  He has been involved in developing road safety strategies for councils and managing and reviewing Blackspot submissions, as well as concept and functional designs of pedestrian safety infrastructure and continuous barrier treatments for VicRoads.

Fahim holds Bachelor of Engineering and is an accredited Road Safety Auditor.

​Tom is a Project Engineer. He has experience working with councils, developing and designing infrastructure for the use of local residents.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and is an accredited Road Safety Auditor.